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To get from Cordenons a Floridia by train you can catch one of the 4 trains that everyday travel between Pordenone and Targia, the closest station to the city. The first train to Targia leaves from Pordenone at 13:54 and the last train departs at 20:38. If you choose a local train the trip lasts on average 03:26 hours. On Wanderio you can compare all schedules, fares and railway companies to Targia and book the best itinerary starting from Pordenone.

Trains time table

13:54 Pordenone
17:20 Targia
03:26 2 Changes

€ 159.85

per adult

14:24 Salerno
07:09 Targia
16:45 1 Change

€ 55.0

per adult

16:42 Pordenone
13:55 Targia
21:13 4 Changes

€ 237.65

per adult

20:38 Salerno
15:21 Targia
18:43 2 Changes

€ 90.75

per adult