Trains from Marina di Carrara to Belpasso

Find prices and schedules for trains from Marina di Carrara to Belpasso and buy your train tickets

To get from Marina di Carrara a Belpasso by train you can catch one of the 3 trains that everyday travel between Carrara-Avenza and Catania Ognina, the closest station to the city. For your trip from Carrara-Avenza to Catania Ognina by train you can choose to leave from one of Carrara-Avenza main stations: Carrara-Avenza If travelling with Trenitalia, you need to know the Carrara-Avenza to Catania Ognina train schedule: the first train leaves at 18:08, while the last ride is at 22:49. A Carrara-Avenza to Catania Ognina train cost about 71.1 €. But how long is the train ride from Carrara-Avenza to Catania Ognina? Your journey takes about 17 hours on average.

Trains time table

18:08 Carrara-Avenza
11:02 Catania Ognina
16:54 3 Changes

€ 158.6

per adult

22:49 Carrara-Avenza
15:16 Catania Ognina
16:27 2 Changes

€ 71.1

per adult

23:31 Carrara-Avenza
17:48 Catania Ognina
18:17 3 Changes

€ 163.0

per adult