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Naples to Trieste trains might be a good value for money solution; travelling in Italy by train is often rather cheap and faster than taking a bus indeed. You can count on 4 daily rides to get from Naples to Trieste. Trains leave from Napoli Centrale and arrive at Trieste Centrale every about 3 hours on average. The trip by train from Naples to Trieste last on average 06:22 travelling with high-speed trains (Frecciarossa or Italotreno) If travelling with Trenitalia, you need to know the Naples to Trieste train schedule: the first train leaves at 16:00, while the last ride is at 17:10. A Naples to Trieste train cost about 105.85 €. But how long is the train ride from Naples to Trieste? Your journey takes about 7 hours on average. Thanks to Trenitalia offers, you can save on your trip from Naples to Trieste and find prices starting from 55 €!

Trains time table

16:00 Napoli Centrale
22:22 Trieste Centrale
06:22 2 Changes

€ 128.5

per adult

16:30 Napoli Centrale
23:19 Trieste Centrale
06:49 1 Change

€ 109.5

per adult

17:10 Napoli Centrale
00:46 Trieste Centrale
07:36 2 Changes

€ 105.85

per adult

20:31 Napoli Centrale
09:46 Trieste Centrale
13:15 3 Changes

€ 90.35

per adult