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To get from Vittorio Veneto a Giarre by train you can catch one of the 4 trains that everyday travel between Soffratta and Giarre-Riposto, the closest station to the city. For your trip from Soffratta to Giarre-Riposto by train you can choose to leave from one of Soffratta main stations: Soffratta If travelling with Trenitalia, you need to know the Soffratta to Giarre-Riposto train schedule: the first train leaves at 11:05, while the last ride is at 20:05. A Soffratta to Giarre-Riposto train cost about 112.5 €. But how long is the train ride from Soffratta to Giarre-Riposto? Your journey takes about 14 hours on average.

Trains time table

11:05 Soffratta
14:04 Giarre-Riposto
02:59 2 Changes

€ 112.5

per adult

15:05 Soffratta
07:46 Giarre-Riposto
16:41 3 Changes

€ 144.95

per adult

17:05 Soffratta
08:40 Giarre-Riposto
15:35 3 Changes

€ 134.95

per adult

20:05 Soffratta
16:50 Giarre-Riposto
20:45 2 Changes

€ 115.0

per adult