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Train Regionale 23330

From Lodi to Milano Bovisa - Provided by Trenitalia

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Real time status

Regionale 23330 train leaves from Lodi at 20:23 and gets to Milano Bovisa at 21:24. Today the train has arrived on time.

Refresh data
8:23 PM
Expected departure 8:23 PM
8:29 PM
Expected departure 8:29 PM
8:34 PM
S. Zenone Al Lambro
Expected departure 8:34 PM
8:38 PM
Expected departure 8:38 PM
8:43 PM
S. Giuliano Milanese
Expected departure 8:43 PM
8:46 PM
Expected departure 8:46 PM
8:50 PM
S.Donato Milanese
Expected departure 8:50 PM
8:57 PM
Expected departure 8:57 PM
9:04 PM
Milano Porta Vittoria
Expected departure 9:04 PM
9:07 PM
Milano Dateo
Expected departure 9:07 PM
9:10 PM
Porta Venezia
Expected departure 9:10 PM
9:12 PM
Expected departure 9:12 PM
9:15 PM
Expected departure 9:15 PM
9:18 PM
Expected departure 9:18 PM
9:24 PM
Milano Bovisa
Expected arrival 9:24 PM

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Train Regionale 23330 route


Where does train 23330 leave from?
The train 23330 leaves from Lodi station at 20:23.

Where is train 23330 headed?
The train 23330 arrives at Milano Bovisa station at 21:24.

How many stops does the n. 23330 train?
The train 23330 has 10 stops.

Is train 23330 running late?
With Wanderio you can check your train status in real time and see if it is running late. Refresh the page to get real time information.

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