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Considering there is a distance of 639 km between these two cities, taking a flight to get from Milan to Paris is a good option, as the average trip duration is about 1 hour. You can find up to 26 daily connections between your departure city and Paris, 20 of which are direct flights. </br></br><strong> The departure airport </strong></br> Milan main airport is Milan Linate Airport, which is 6 km away from the centre. 15 flights to Paris leave from here everyday, from 06:45 to 20:40. These flights are operated by companies like KLM, Alitalia, Air France. You can take a shuttle bus from Milan to Milan Linate Airport to get to the airport purchasing the tickets together with the air tickets online on Wanderio. Thanks to our service, in fact, you can compare all the available airlines and find other means of transport to organize your trip, such as the transfers to get to the airport or to your destination. </br> Another airport to start your journey from is Milan Malpensa Airport, which is served by easyJet. The first take-off is at 06:30 while the last one occurs at 21:25; to get to the airport, that is 40 km distant, you can take a transfer to Milan Malpensa Airport from Milan. </br> A third choice is given by Milan - Bergamo Orio al Serio Airport: here, you can find Ryanair flights with Paris as destination from 06:30 to 19:20. On Wanderio, there are transfers to Milan - Bergamo Orio al Serio Airport as well. </br></br><strong> The arrival airport </strong></br> If you’re going from Milan to Paris by plane, you will land at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport , or, based on the company operating the flight, at Beauvais–Tillé Airport, Paris Orly Airport . The main airport is 22 km away from the centre and can be easily reached by taking a shuttle bus from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport to Paris. However, in case you land elsewhere, you can find transfers from your arrival airport to your destination on Wanderio.

Flights time table

06:30 MXP
08:00 CDG
01:30 Direct
06:30 BGY
08:15 BVA
01:45 Direct
06:45 LIN
10:45 CDG
04:00 1 Stop
06:45 LIN
12:00 CDG
05:15 1 Stop
06:55 LIN
08:25 CDG
01:30 Direct
08:50 MXP
10:20 CDG
01:30 Direct
09:00 LIN
10:20 ORY
01:20 Direct
09:55 LIN
11:25 CDG
01:30 Direct
10:50 LIN
15:00 CDG
04:10 1 Stop
10:50 LIN
15:55 CDG
05:05 1 Stop
11:00 LIN
12:30 CDG
01:30 Direct
11:40 MXP
13:10 CDG
01:30 Direct
12:50 MXP
14:20 CDG
01:30 Direct
12:55 LIN
14:25 CDG
01:30 Direct
13:00 LIN
14:20 ORY
01:20 Direct
13:05 LIN
17:40 CDG
04:35 1 Stop
14:00 MXP
15:30 CDG
01:30 Direct
15:30 MXP
17:00 CDG
01:30 Direct
17:20 LIN
18:45 ORY
01:25 Direct
17:25 MXP
18:55 CDG
01:30 Direct
19:20 BGY
21:05 BVA
01:45 Direct
19:25 LIN
22:45 CDG
03:20 1 Stop
19:25 MXP
20:55 CDG
01:30 Direct
20:25 LIN
21:50 ORY
01:25 Direct
20:40 LIN
22:10 CDG
01:30 Direct
21:25 MXP
22:55 CDG
01:30 Direct
Transfers airport - city

BVA > Paris from € 17 details

ORY > Paris from € 6 details

CDG > Paris from € 6 details

Transfers city - airport

Milan > BGY from € 5 details

Milan > LIN from € 5 details

Milan > MXP from € 10 details

Distance from city center 14km

Number of companies 28

Flights Number 587

Flights Companies

Air France, easyJet, Transavia France, Air Corsica

First Flights 05:20 AM
Last Flights 22:55 PM

Distance from city center 22km

Number of companies 96

Flights Number 1246

Flights Companies

Air France, Alitalia, easyJet, XL Airways France

First Flights 00:00 AM
Last Flights 23:55 PM

Distance from city center 69km

Number of companies 3

Flights Number 61

Flights Companies

Ryanair, Wizz Air, Air Moldova

First Flights 07:55 AM
Last Flights 22:50 PM

Distance from city center 6km

Number of companies 22

Flights Number 173

Flights Companies

Alitalia, Meridiana fly, Air France, easyJet

First Flights 06:30 AM
Last Flights 22:40 PM

Distance from city center 40km

Number of companies 68

Flights Number 408

Flights Companies

easyJet, Alitalia, Meridiana fly, Lufthansa Cargo

First Flights 00:10 AM
Last Flights 23:55 PM

Distance from city center 46km

Number of companies 11

Flights Number 140

Flights Companies

Ryanair, Wizz Air, Meridiana fly, Pegasus Airlines

First Flights 01:55 AM
Last Flights 22:45 PM