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Montecatini Terme to Pozzallo trains might be a good value for money solution; travelling in Italy by train is often rather cheap and faster than taking a bus indeed. You can count on 3 daily rides to get from Montecatini Terme to Pozzallo. The first train to Pozzallo leaves from Montecatini Terme at 18:18 and the last train departs at 22:00. If you choose a local train the trip lasts on average 16:54 hours. For your trip from Montecatini Terme to Pozzallo by train you can choose to leave from one of Montecatini Terme main stations: Montecatini Centro On Wanderio you can compare all schedules, fares and railway companies to Pozzallo and book the best itinerary starting from Montecatini Terme.

Trains time table

18:18 Montecatini Centro
11:12 Pozzallo
16:54 3 Changes

€ 182.75

per adult

19:18 Montecatini Centro
15:01 Pozzallo
19:43 4 Changes

€ 122.75

per adult

22:00 Montecatini Centro
18:40 Pozzallo
20:40 2 Changes

€ 75.95

per adult