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Train Regionale 22542

From Napoli Campi Flegrei to Villa Literno - Provided by Trenitalia

Real time status

Regionale 22542 train leaves from Napoli Campi Flegrei at 06:15 and gets to Villa Literno at 06:45. Today the train has arrived 11 minutes late.

Refresh data
6:15 AM
Napoli Campi Flegrei
Departed 6:16 AM
6:19 AM
Cavalleggeri Aosta
Departed 6:20 AM
6:23 AM
Bagnoli Agnano Terme
Departed 6:26 AM
6:29 AM
Pozzuoli Solfatara
Departed 6:32 AM
6:34 AM
Quarto Di Marano
Departed 6:40 AM
6:39 AM
Giugliano Qualiano
Departed 6:48 AM
6:45 AM
+ 11min
Villa Literno
On time

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Train Regionale 22542 route


Where does train 22542 leave from?
The train 22542 leaves from Napoli Campi Flegrei station at 06:15.

Where is train 22542 headed?
The train 22542 arrives at Villa Literno station at 06:45.

How many stops does the n. 22542 train?
The train 22542 has 7 stops.

Is train 22542 running late?
With Wanderio you can check your train status in real time and see if it is running late. Refresh the page to get real time information.

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